Fort Bend County Occupational Safety and Environmental Compliance

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – Environmental Technology at Texas State Technical College offers training for a diverse array of career opportunities, ranging from environmental field technician, environmental consultant and environmental specialist.

The program is not only extremely hands-on, but it is also taught by instructors who are just as passionate about education as they are about the fields they love.

“The Environmental Technology program provides students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of subjects related to how we manage the protection of our environment, communities and wildlife,” said instructor Maria Vaughan. “It encompasses multiple industries and provides the candidate with industry-specific training.”

The program delves into fundamentals of environmental safety and protection in ways that can fully prepare students for their careers after they graduate.

“Students can expect to learn how to decipher complex regulations and how to apply them,” Vaughan said. “For example, they will learn how to handle and manage waste, and they participate in specialized training and laboratory exercises for industrial hygiene.”

Students also train in labs that instruct them on how to perform air, water, soil and waste sampling. Students even learn how to perform site assessments and perform mock audits across various subjects related to environmental technology, which make those who enjoy the technicalities of analytics great candidates for the program.

“Analytical thinkers, students with mathematical skills and who are detail oriented will enjoy environmental technology — someone who enjoys and cares about the environment and people, and who wants to make a change in the world,” she said.

The Environmental Technology program is always progressing to add even more skill sets to the curriculum. Beginning in fall 2021, the Environmental Technology and Occupational Safety Compliance Technology programs at TSTC will merge to generate a new and improved Safety and Environmental program.

Students enrolled in this program will learn the skills required for environmental technology, as well as safety prevention, safety training and job site hazard-control methods. They will also be required to obtain an internship prior to completion.

“This is a huge benefit to our students because it gives them the best of both worlds,” Vaughan said. “More companies are looking for individuals who can perform both environmental and safety duties and comply with both sets of regulations. Safety and the environment go hand in hand.”

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