Fort Bend County

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – In the seven months that Sugar Land native Yareni Gomez has spent with Texas State Technical College as a program enrollment coach, she has not only assisted TSTC students in Fort Bend County plan for their futures, but also made it her goal that they know they can count on her for help along the way.

“I assist students with anything that they may need while they are completing their degree, from planning and registering for classes, to helping with financial aid items, and everything else in between,” she said.

Gomez is one of the familiar faces in Fort Bend County that students know they can count on as they are completing their programs.

“I am here to ensure that our students are receiving the support that they need, from the moment they submit their application, to when they walk across the stage at graduation,” she explained. “When I finish a session with a student, I want to make sure that they feel supported and know I am available to help in any way that I can.”

Gomez, a first-generation college student, hopes that those she helps do not face the same difficulties that she did when she was obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies.

“I want to help make the college journey easier for them than it was for me,” she said. “I remember how hesitant I was to ask for help my first year of college because I didn’t understand some of the higher-education lingo. I love that my position allows me to sit down with students and answer their questions to help them understand certain processes and to remind them that they have someone supporting them in their journey to earn their degree.”

Her willingness to help others succeed brought her into higher education, which came as a surprise journey that ultimately changed her life.

“I entered this career path accidentally as a student worker, and I quickly developed a passion for helping others,” she reminisced. “When I was in college, there were times that I was overwhelmed and hesitant to ask for assistance, but what made a difference for me was the staff and faculty at the University of Houston who took the time to mentor me and teach me things I needed to know.”

The guidance that Gomez received from passionate mentors at her alma mater was a factor in her decision to work in higher education herself.

“I decided to continue my work in higher education to help ensure that all students feel supported and know they have someone they can turn to for guidance and to celebrate their victories with them.”

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