John Kennedy looks forward to working closely with students and faculty through his new role as associate provost on TSTC’s campus in Fort Bend County.

Kennedy looks forward to working closely with students, faculty

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – John Kennedy, a former senior field development officer for The TSTC Foundation, has been named associate provost for Texas State Technical College’s Fort Bend County campus.

“As a respected and trusted member of the community, John Kennedy brings with him a blend of leadership abilities perfectly suited to the TSTC vision,” said Jeff Kilgore, TSTC vice chancellor and chief academic officer. “He played an instrumental role in helping develop TSTC in Fort Bend County. John is willing to do anything for TSTC and our students.”

Kennedy began his career at TSTC in 2014 with The TSTC Foundation.

“I went to Waco, fell in love with the campus, fell in love with the people, and fell in love with the mission of what TSTC does,” Kennedy recalled of the opportunity.

He worked closely alongside former provost Randy Wooten prior to TSTC breaking ground at its current location in Fort Bend County in 2015 — and beyond.

“We made a lot of relationships throughout Fort Bend County and the Houston area,” Kennedy said. “It’s been a great run being in fundraising. I’m ready for the next chapter.”

When Wooten segued to a new position as TSTC’s executive director of Student Learning Capital Projects — and then-associate provost Bryan Bowling became campus provost — Kennedy said the transition to the newly open associate provost position felt like good timing.

“It just seemed like the right fit,” he said. “I will still do my best to help TSTC’s reputation in the community.”

Kennedy looks forward to the chance to work more closely with TSTC students and faculty in pursuit of fulfilling the college’s mission of placing more Texans in great careers.

Some of his favorite moments at TSTC include a meaningful step along the path of that mission: commencement celebrations.

“Seeing the graduates cross the stage and being able to shake the students’ hands and having that moment is wonderful, but then the big payoff comes when they’re with their families after — and the tears of joy,” Kennedy said. “It is so moving to me to see that every semester. It does not get old.”

Kennedy’s work as an ordained Roman Catholic deacon translates directly to his new role at TSTC, Bowling said.

“Part of what’s needed in the associate provost role is being a part-time mentor, a part-time counselor, a part-time coach, a part-time administrator,” he said. “With his background in ministry, what else could you ask for? The position is a natural progression for him.”

Bowling added that he and Kennedy see eye to eye and can work seamlessly together.

“We’re wired very similarly,” Bowling said. “We can both support each other perfectly. The batteries are included and there’s no assembly required. He’s ready to rock.”

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