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(WACO, Texas) – Sunday’s snow and ice caused face-to-face classes to be canceled on Monday at Texas State Technical College, though online classes went on as scheduled. This caused some students to have their first day of classes for the spring semester on Tuesday.

TSTC students, faculty and staff continue to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines in wearing masks, not gathering in groups, and sanitizing hands and work areas. All of this is being done to fight the spread of COVID-19.

“Please keep not only yourself, but your family and all that you come into contact with on your campus, safe and healthy,” said Patti Tate, interim provost of TSTC’s Waco campus.

Jack Brown, of Angleton, worked on Sunday during the snowstorm and joined a snowball fight with his co-workers. On Monday, he went back to work and enjoyed the last of the melting snow but could not attend his Diesel Equipment Technology classes because of the weather closure.

But on Wednesday, Brown attended the first day of his Advanced Hydraulics class.

“It’s getting back on a schedule,” Brown said. “It’s getting back into a routine.”

The fourth-semester student said the keys to adapting to TSTC’s hybrid programs are to pay attention, go to class and prepare for a good deal of reading. Brown said he appreciates the hands-on labs more because he can work on equipment he does not see outside of class.

“It’s a nice combination of how this college works,” he said.

Students, faculty and staff members will continue to see physical changes across campus during the semester as the $29.6 million abatement, demolition and construction project continues.

“There is much excitement with buildings coming down and others going up. And yes, we are having to find alternate routes to get to labs and work, but it will be well worth it when completed,” said Jerome Mendias, TSTC’s associate provost in Waco.

The abatement and demolition of campus houses that date back to the days of Connally Air Force Base will continue during the spring, according to information provided by Karen Waller, TSTC’s vice president for facilities, planning and construction. The first phase of abatement will be completed this month, with demolition already underway on the south side of campus. The second phase is scheduled to begin Jan. 25. 

The abatement process for Lavaca Hall, located behind the Kultgen Automotive Center, has already been completed, with demolition planned for January and February. Abatement and demolition for Patterson Hall and other structures is planned for March to July.

Griffith Hall, a student residential facility now under construction next to the Student Services Center, is scheduled to open in August.

For more information on Texas State Technical College, go to tstc.edu. 


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