(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Started in 2016, iServe Biomedical is a leading provider of medical equipment repairs serving the Houston area. Founders Javier Valdez and Rene Torres discussed their time at Texas State Technical College and how their Associate of Applied Science degrees in Biomedical Equipment Technology prepared them for this venture.

“TSTC provided the foundation for us,” Torres said. “Our time there prepared us both intellectually and socially for our careers and our adult life.”

The duo met when they were both working for another company. Their efforts not only allowed them to achieve leadership positions within that company, but also gave them the idea to use their expertise and experience to start a company of their own.

Hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, and home health providers are a few of the businesses that benefit from iServe Biomedical. While their business has seen success, the road to get there was not always smooth.

“Like other companies that are just starting, we struggled with gaining our clientele,” Valdez said. “It took us about eight months of planning and investing money into our business before we gained our first customer.”

Startup companies often face struggles at the beginning of their journeys because there is no money to keep them running. Not only did Valdez and Torres experience that, but they also faced disaster when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in 2017.

“Our office became flooded, and we were not able to work,” Valdez said. “We felt a lot of pressure not to lose our newly established relationships with our customers.”

They eventually moved into a new facility, where they spent many late nights ensuring that their customers would have their equipment serviced in a timely manner.

Torres reiterated that customer satisfaction is their biggest goal and most valuable guarantee.

“We believe success can be measured in small increments,” he said. “For us, having happy customers is our success. It is seeing the results of our hard work and sacrifices that we’ve made.”

Ultimately, knowing that they are helping to change a person’s life is what keeps them motivated.

“It’s the rewarding feeling we get from knowing the equipment could be used to save a patient’s life,” Torres said. “It’s the response we get from patients and families who acknowledge the work we do.”

The motivation that drives them to continue to change lives is also the motivation that helped them in the pursuit of becoming business owners.

“I believe that there is no shortcut on the quest to success,” Valdez said. “We need to put in the work, set goals, focus, and work hard.”

“Attitude and perseverance go a long way,” Torres added. “There will be hurdles to keep you from reaching your goals, but keeping a positive attitude and continuing firmly toward your desired result will allow you to achieve success.”

To learn more about TSTC’s Biomedical Equipment Technology program, visit https://www.tstc.edu/programs/BiomedicalEquipmentTechnology.


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