Fort Bend County

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – One of the greatest milestones of a college career is reaching the finish line at commencement. While Texas State Technical College had to do things a little differently this semester, the team at TSTC’s Fort Bend County campus wanted to give its best to the spring 2020 graduates one more time as they set off into their new careers.

 A small, socially distant celebration was held Friday, June 19, to celebrate the accomplishments of graduates who once again proved that TSTC students are nothing short of resilient.


“When we heard we would have to cancel spring commencement due to the pandemic, we knew we needed to do something to highlight the huge milestone for our spring graduates,” said TSTC campus enrollment executive Georgeann Calzada. “Celebrating something positive during this pandemic is something we were all happy to do. I hope the graduates know that we will always be here to support them, encourage them, and join in on what we know will be a lifetime of accomplishments.”


TSTC’s director of veteran recruitment in Fort Bend County, Kenneth Buford, reiterated that TSTC prides itself on maintaining connections with students, even after their time on campus is over.

“Our graduates are about to become members of a family dedicated to their success,” he said. “Their TSTC family will always be here to guide, support and encourage them.”

Christina Vargas, a TSTC assistant director of enrollment management, also offered congratulations for the graduating class.


“Every graduating class is special,” she said. “We honor every class for their hard work, but this particular group overcame some unique challenges. The pandemic took a chunk of their graduating semester and turned it upside down.”


Despite the adversity faced by students, Vargas does not doubt that they are ready for whatever their futures may bring.


“The fact that they were able to rise to the challenge and complete their degrees proves that they are more than just trained in their craft,” she said. “They have the heart and spirit to rise above adversity. That is as valuable, if not more, than any other quality.”


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