(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Prospective students who have dreams of whipping up meals on a stove and baking decadent pastries in the oven can be one step closer to making them a reality when the Texas State Technical College Culinary Arts program hosts a series of virtual information sessions from Feb. 26 through April.

The sessions will be hosted online and give participants an opportunity to learn about the program from the comfort of their own home.

Culinary Arts instructor Omar Duran said that it is a great opportunity for prospective, current and nontraditional students.

“Any individual that wants to learn to be a chef is welcome to the sessions,” he said. “They can participate and have their questions answered by an instructor in the program so they can get important information straight from the instructors who teach the courses.”

Several key points of interest will be discussed during the sessions, including cost of the program and career opportunities, which will give prospective students insight into career paths in the food industry.

“Information regarding both the associate degree and the certificate will be discussed,” Duran said. “The presentation not only provides information about Culinary Arts, but also about what TSTC offers, including admission requirements, food certifications, job fairs and much more.”

Duran added that attendees will also be given a chance to ask any questions or concerns they may have about taking the first step into the Culinary Arts program.

“Potential students can ask any questions they have during the information session,” he said. “Our team will be ready to assist with questions about financial aid, career services and academic courses.”

Instructor Emma Creps wants students to leave the sessions not only with an understanding of the program, but also with excitement as they choose a career goal.

“Selecting a career path can be a difficult choice for some people, and our objective is to make people feel confident when choosing culinary arts as their career choice,” she said. “We also provide support during the application process so students will not feel lost as they transition from high school to college, switch careers, or have had a delay in returning to school.”

Creps said that motivation and an interest in culinary arts are the keys to succeeding in the program.

“The most important attributes a student can have to succeed in the program are the willingness to learn and time management skills,” she said. “And of course, as with any career, it starts with passion. When a student has passion, the idea of learning the world of cooking is exciting to them, and they are eager to study in order to build their knowledge and skills.”

The first virtual session is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 26, from 5 to 6 p.m. Additional sessions are scheduled for every second and fourth Friday of the month through April 23. Those interested in attending should contact Omar Duran at omar.duran@tstc.edu.

February is Career and Technical Education Month.During this month, TSTC is proud to showcase the students, staff and faculty who support our mission of being the “most sophisticated technical institute in the country” everyday. To learn more about the programs offered at TSTC, go to tstc.edu/programs.


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