Sweetwater Diesel Equipment Technology

(SWEETWATER, Texas) – Andres Garza, of Ballinger, knows the key to finding a good-paying job is working on his education.

Garza began his second semester in Texas State Technical College’s Diesel Equipment Technology program with a goal of graduating and getting a job. He knows it will take time to earn his degree, but he is enjoying his time in the lab.

“I learned a lot about how the truck works,” Garza said of his first semester in the program. “I am looking forward to what will come this semester.”

During the first week of the spring semester, Garza and other students were working on a diesel transmission system.

“Right now, it is a bit challenging learning about the transmission,” he said. “I know that by doing the work during the lab sessions I will be able to master working on the engine.”

One of the reasons Garza enjoys the lab sessions is that it is easier for him to pick up what is being taught. Garza said he suffers from dyslexia and struggles with the online portion of the class. He said the instructors have helped him navigate the course.

“I like the hands-on work we do. It is fast-paced and easier for me to pick up,” he said. “Once I learn something, it sticks in my head and I can do it.”

Garza said attending TSTC was always a goal for him. Before enrolling, he wanted to work toward a commercial driver’s license, which would take two years to complete.

“I decided if it was going to take me two years to get my CDL, I might as well go to school and learn even more,” he said. “I have not had one regret making that decision.”

The love for diesel trucks came naturally for Garza. Some members of his family have driven trucks and have mechanic backgrounds.

“Over time, I started to enjoy working on vehicles. I told myself I should work on the bigger trucks,” he said. “I knew I would be able to make more money that way.”

Instructor Lane White said students can expect well-paying jobs after graduation.

“Once the pandemic is under control, more companies are going to be hiring people,” he said. “We are here to help our students get ready for work. Because no matter what the economy looks like, trucks are going to be rolling on the roads.”  

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