(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Texas State Technical College’s Office of Counseling and Student Rights and Responsibilities will host a digital event called “Love Is Not Abuse” on Thursday, Feb. 11, at noon in an effort to give students advice and statistics about abusive relationships.

TSTC student counselor Angela Dunn discussed what she hopes students will learn from the event, as well as what students should do if they have additional questions or are seeking more resources.

“Attendees will learn about healthy relationships and boundaries,” she said. “They will also learn about resources if they are experiencing dating violence or stalking.”

She said that college is a pivotal time in the personal lives of students, and this information will be beneficial to those in new relationships.

“It’s a crucial time for individuals to learn about red flags when they date,” she said. “Dating violence does not discriminate and can affect all genders, races, ages, cultures and socioeconomic levels.”

According to LoveIsRespect.org, dating violence affects 43 percent of female college students, and, according to JamaNetwork.com, it affects 27 percent of males.

Dunn wants students to utilize the digital event to ask as many questions as they need to.

“Our goal is to empower the attendees to reach out to resources if they are experiencing dating violence, as well as being able to provide resources to others,” she said. “Dating violence is typically not a singular incident, so it is important to know the steps to make sure students can safely exit a relationship.”

Should students have additional questions or want to talk to a counselor personally, Dunn said they should not hesitate to contact the Student Counseling department.

“Counselors are available at TSTC to assist students,” she said. “All communication with a counselor is confidential and at no cost to currently enrolled students.”

TSTC students who wish to participate in the “Love Is Not Abuse” digital event can go to https://tstc.edu/staysafe.

To learn more about TSTC, go to tstc.edu.


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