Fort Bend County

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – Texas State Technical College welcomed an Army recruiting station to its Fort Bend County campus on Veterans Day.

An avionics system vehicle was situated on the parking lot in front of the Brazos Center on Wednesday afternoon. Upon request, the Army recruitment team gave tours of the vehicle to any present military personnel and TSTC students while following coronavirus safety guidelines.

TSTC’s Director of Veteran Recruitment Kenneth Buford said this showcase is yet another way that TSTC can show its commitment to our service members.

“Highlighting this showcase enhances transparency and reaffirms our commitment to the community and to our veteran population,” he said. “It provides an extraordinary opportunity for our TSTC family to extend an open and warm invitation for any who may be willing to join us in celebrating our military service members of the past, present and future.”

He added that the showcase also brought about a chance for surrounding areas to see what TSTC can do for veterans in the community.

“This presents TSTC with the opportunity for increased public awareness, visibility and military support,” he said. “It is vital that we come together, support our military, support one another, and create pathways capable of securing more Texans and Texas veterans in higher-paying careers.”

One of TSTC’s goals is to help military personnel with a seamless transition when their time in the service is over.

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