(HARLINGEN, Texas) –  Marissa Ledesma chose to attend Texas State Technical College because it is close to home and offered her flexibility. Recently she earned her Associate of Applied Science degree in Nursing, and now she is ready to get started as a front-line worker.

Why did you decide to study nursing?

I have always had a passion for helping others in need, and being a nurse means taking care of somebody. I also find the human body to be very interesting, and learning everything about it is just an amazing thing.

Did you face any adversities through your studies?

None that I faced alone. I came into this program while I was three months pregnant. The pandemic also took a toll on everyone attending school. It was definitely a struggle and an accomplishment that we got through it.

Who was your biggest support system during your time in college?

Definitely my family. I had my two older kids while I was in high school, so I think it was expected by many people that I would not be successful. My parents made sure that was not the case. They helped me financially so that I wouldn’t stress with work and school, they watched my kids so that I could study, and they gave me all the support I needed. My brother and sister also helped me out tremendously with my kids. It definitely took a village to reach my goal, and I am grateful for them.

Did you learn anything new about yourself while you were in college?

I learned that I am capable of way more than I ever thought. I attended my classes and kept my grades up while being six months pregnant. I attended appointments while teaching a first-grade and kindergarten student at home. I felt like a supermom.

What advice would you give to somebody who is about to start their first semester in college?

Plan your time out. Make a planner; write down all of your assignments. Manage your time well, and complete your assignments ahead of time. Study hard.

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Photo courtesy of Marissa Ledesma. 


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