Jamie Jimenez stands against an orange TSTC background.

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – Jamie Jimenez is a Texas State Technical College faculty member working in Career Services at the Fort Bend County campus. Her role is that of a mentor for the students, helping them down their path toward a career.

Jimenez is a TSTC graduate with a passion for helping students to succeed and grow. She has been with TSTC for six years.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a Career Services representative for the Fort Bend County campus. I am from Needville but live in Rosenberg with my husband, son and daughter. We are very involved in baseball, softball and dance with our kids. I graduated in 2019 from TSTC with my associate degree in Business Management Technology.

How did you find TSTC and your job?

I found TSTC by seeing the buildings being built. I was a small-business owner who was looking for a new career. I owned my mobile spray tanning business for seven years prior to TSTC. My husband, Jose, pushed me to apply for a position at TSTC as he is an alumnus as well. He knew what TSTC stood for and that I could find my career there.

I started out as the administrative assistant for Enrollment and Recruitment. I knew I wanted to work in Career Services from the first time I met Judy Cox (who works as a Career Services coordinator). I then switched positions to become the Fort Bend County campus’s first procurement liaison. Once a position came open for Career Services, I made the move. I have been in this position for three out of my six years at TSTC.

What does your role at TSTC entail?

In Career Services we prepare our students for their careers by providing resume assistance, career counseling, interview preparation and workshops. We aid and mentor our students to have the confidence to showcase their skills and talents that our instructors have taught them.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

A lot of our students have never interviewed before and are nervous. I work with them to ease their nerves and help them feel more confident. After preparing a student for an interview, they will often call before the interview, nervous. I just talk with them and go over possible questions to ease their minds.

After their interviews they call back to tell me the interview went great and they have landed their dream career. It gives me goose bumps every time. I tell them congratulations and that I am very proud of their hard work and dedication. Knowing that all the hard work and preparation you have done with the students has paid off for their career and their lives is very fulfilling.


TSTC is located across 10 different campuses in the state of Texas. Greater Houston is served by the Fort Bend County campus located in Rosenberg. It offers a variety of programs, including Diesel Equipment Technology, Electrical Lineworker and Management Technology, HVAC Technology, Welding Technology, and more.

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