A student shakes hands across a table with an employer at Fort Bend County campus' job fair.

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – One of the key aspects that set Texas State Technical College apart is the effort to connect students with the industries and businesses they will one day work in.

In industries that are facing a shortage of skilled workers, being able to connect with potential hires is a must. TSTC provides those opportunities through events such as job fairs and employer spotlights.

“We host industry job fairs twice a year,” said Judy Cox, career service representative at TSTC’s Fort Bend County campus. “We also host employer spotlights, which are golden for the fact that companies have one-on-one time with specific programs.”

Career Services staff work to build relationships with not only the students, but the local businesses and employers who are currently hiring. Job fairs often provide time for students to interview with employers, leading to hiring opportunities.

“I met [Texas Instruments] at a job fair,” said James O’Day, a student in the Electrical Power and Controls program. “That same day they gave me two interviews.”

O’Day now has a job offer to start with TI this July.

He is not the only one. Many students connect with industry professionals at job fairs or through connections that instructors or TSTC alumni have. Nicholas Tuma, a student in the Welding Technology program, found a job at Surgitech and was able to then get five of his classmates hired alongside him.

“About two months ago we had a job that was over 100,000 welds, and my boss asked if there was anyone that could help us from TSTC,” Tuma said. “I said I could ask, and I ended up getting five people hired from my program, all of whom are still there with me.”

While the number of skilled workers being hired has continued to rise the past few years, the number needed has increased at an even faster rate. Students working on improving their skills need to know they will be seen when they graduate, and employers need to know there will be a steady flow of new workers when they are needed.

TSTC works to ensure both needs are met.

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