(BROWNWOOD, Texas) – Lacey Watson, of Coleman, is now able to show her father some of the latest welding techniques.

Watson, a Welding Technology student at Texas State Technical College, is working toward a certificate in the program, but she is most pleased with showing what she has learned to her father, a longtime welder.

“My dad is really happy with what I am learning,” she said. “When I show him some of the things we are learning, he tells me, ‘We didn’t do that way back in the day.’ I know he is proud of me.”

Instructor Daniel Aguirre is also proud of Watson’s progress.

“At first, she was having a lot of difficulties,” he said. “She has shown really good technique, but when she gets in a rut, she can stay there.”

Aguirre said he motivates Watson, helps her move on and is pleased with the results.

“I will tell her to try some different things to see if it works,” he said. “Once she gets it, she takes off with it and does a great job.”

Watson wanted to be a welder because of her father. She said he is preparing for her to join him in the field.

“He is already asking me about a truck with a welding bed,” she said. “I have to tell him to slow down and let me finish school.”

Watson likes her time in the lab with Aguirre and her classmates.

“So far, I have loved it,” she said. “The best way for me to learn is by doing things. I like having people here to help me.”

One of the advantages Watson has in the lab is that she can work at her own pace.

“Daniel allows us to work until we get the project done. That is helpful for me,” she said.

Having Aguirre as an instructor and access to hands-on training made it even better for Watson.

“TSTC is a great place to learn,” she said. “My uncle attended TSTC, and I knew if I gave it a chance I would love it. I am glad I chose TSTC.”

Watson said once she completes her certification requirements in August, she will be ready to join her father.

“Prior to starting, he told me I could work for him. But I wanted to go to school,” she said. “I cannot wait to be working with him.”

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