(SWEETWATER, Texas) – James Chung knows the benefits of renewable energy.

He began learning of the benefits while living in Korea, and today he is working toward an associate degree in Wind Energy Technology at Texas State Technical College.

Chung, who was born in Boston, wanted to enter the cybersecurity field but admitted it was not for him.

“I knew I would make a lot of money, but somehow it was not fun,” he said. “I learned that was not the specific field I wanted to do. So I searched several job categories. Wind turbine technicians just came up, and it was something I was interested in.”

Chung knew renewable energy is not popular in Korea, but he knew it had potential to grow.

“Some people realize that one wind turbine can generate power for a number of homes,” he said. “I want to be an energy innovator. Wind is just the beginning for me. I hope to spread out to solar and other areas.”

His road to TSTC began with an internet search.

“I researched and learned Texas State Technical College has a great program. I knew this would be a good opportunity for me,” Chung said.

It took Chung time to convince his family that TSTC would be a good place to continue his education.

“They were glad that I had a goal and are supportive of my decision,” he said.

With his family’s support, Chung was ready to begin his studies. He is looking forward to the day when he will climb the turbine tower.

“I am a Christian, and I am looking forward to the day we climb. It will give me the chance to see all of the scenery God has created,” he said. “When I went rock climbing, I admired the scenery. I am looking forward to doing that again.”

Until he is able to climb, Chung talks to other students who have had that experience.

“Our resident assistant is in his second year, and he gives us a lot of tips,” he said. “He shows me examples of what I can expect to learn.”

Chung also knows he can turn to his instructors for help if he needs it. He even attends exercise classes that are not on his schedule to make sure he stays in shape.

“The instructors at TSTC are the best,” he said. “They know we have a lot of questions about the process and are always letting us know what is happening.”

Instructor Billie Jones saw Chung’s ability early.

He is attentive in class and always strives to do his best,” she said. “He takes advantage of any extra materials offered to allow himself to get ahead.

For more information, visit tstc.edu.

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