Fort Bend County Workforce Training

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – The need for essential skills in the Texas job market is rapidly growing, caused in part by a skills gap between the number of available jobs and the number of skilled workers ready to fill them.

The Workforce Training department at Texas State Technical College aims to close that gap by providing students with the tools necessary to succeed in the Texas workforce.

“Workforce training caters to a population that does not necessarily have time for college but wants the job training,” said TSTC Executive Director of Workforce Training and Continuing Education Victor Blalack, who serves both the Harlingen and Fort Bend County campuses.

The training can also help individual companies and businesses by evaluating their needs and then developing specialized curricula to upskill their employees.

Blalack said that the changing job market makes the training an advantage for individuals who want to maintain a fresh batch of skills.

“Those who go through workforce training typically want better employment opportunities,” he said. “Most of our trainees have already been employed somewhere and are looking to add an additional set of skills to their resume.”

Blalack stated that the training can be not only beneficial, but also vital.

“We are essential because we target those who simply do not have the time to spend two or four years in college,” he said. “We complement TSTC on the mission to place Texans in better-paying jobs.”

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