Fort Bend County General Education

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – Bryan Bowling serves as provost for Texas State Technical College at the Fort Bend County campus.

He has worked as provost since February 2022. Previously he served as associate provost for the Fort Bend County campus from December 2018 until his appointment as provost.

How has TSTC made an impact over the past year?

TSTC continues to be a community-built and community-driven college here in Fort Bend County, here in Rosenberg, specifically. This year we have put out well over 100 graduates into the workforce, all into the technical trades. But one thing that is really cool too about our campus here is we host a lot of community events. We have car shows. The health department comes out with their van offering pamphlets or even shots. We enjoy being a community center as well as a technical college here in Rosenberg.

What are some of your goals as provost for the coming year?

Big thing for me is probably two things, really. There is the internal stuff and the external stuff. The internal stuff, for me, is admittedly a bit touchy-feely. Culture is a big deal to me. We spend 40 hours a week working with our work family. It has to be fun, enjoyable and supportive. That’s a big thing for us. While we are there, I think, I do want to stress to people thinking of coming to work here that we truly care about our Fort Bend family.

On the external side, my goal is to continue to expand our employer base, our industry relations. Everything we do at TSTC is through a single lens, and that lens is about placing more Texans in great-paying jobs. That guides everything we do. People come to us wanting our graduates, and we ask them how we can make our graduates irresistible to them. Doing that helps us craft future curriculum.

How do you foresee TSTC making an impact in Fort Bend County and Greater Houston over the coming year?

We are growing. In the coming years, you are going to see this campus truly expand. I would look to see several new programs come to this campus in the coming year or two. One of the ways we are unique from other colleges is our funding formula. We are funded based on the salaries of our graduates in the labor market. So we are looking to provide programs that put graduates into the high-paying jobs that the industries need filled.

What would you say to someone who is curious about attending or supporting TSTC?

Come on by, take a look. Meet with the instructors, meet with the staff, meet with the faculty. I think you will fall in love once you step foot onto the campus. A lot of our students come in and say, “I don’t know what I want to do.” Our folks here are professionals. They can take a look and help you find something for you here.


TSTC is located across 10 different campuses in the state of Texas. Greater Houston is served by the Fort Bend County campus located in Rosenberg. It offers a variety of programs, including Electrical Lineworker and Management Technology, HVAC Technology, Welding Technology, and more.

Registration for TSTC’s spring semester is underway. For more information, go to

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