(ABILENE, Texas) – Texas State Technical College recently honored 20 employees from its four West Texas campuses for their years of service to the college.

Employees with five, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 35 years of employment were honored during a West Texas virtual staff meeting hosted by Andy Weaver, interim provost of TSTC in West Texas.

Employees thanked their co-workers and reflected on their time at TSTC during the meeting.

“TSTC does great things for not only its students, but the employees as well,” said Shelby Bennett, a dual enrollment recruiting representative in Sweetwater who was honored for five years of service. “I am looking forward to the next five years with TSTC.”

Also honored for five years of service were Renee Blackshear, Computer Networking and Systems Administration instructor in Brownwood; Boyd Cates, construction project manager in Abilene; Annette Collins, veterans program officer in Abilene; Ricky Graham, maintenance worker in Sweetwater; Sarah Guelker, custodian in Sweetwater; Teresa Purcell, Occupational Safety and Environmental Compliance instructor in Breckenridge; James Spivey, building maintenance supervisor in Sweetwater; Jonathan Westra, police sergeant in Sweetwater; and Nina York, enrollment coach in Brownwood.

Elizabeth Reyes, a graphic designer in Sweetwater, and Tim Rudloff, the safety, health and environmental affairs officer in Brownwood, were honored for their 10 years with TSTC.

Griselda Sanchez, the transition center administrator in Sweetwater, was honored for 15 years with TSTC. Sanchez said she has seen lives changed during her time with the college.

“During my time at TSTC, I have met some wonderful families and witnessed lives change positively,” she said. “I feel honored anytime someone thanks me for being a part of their college experience.”

Terra Alvarado, associate vice president of online learning in Abilene, and Ronnie Pitts, an Emergency Medical Services instructor in Abilene, were also honored for their 15 years of service.

Weaver and Carrie Bernal, executive director of solution management in Sweetwater, have worked for TSTC for the past 20 years.

“Some choose to love what they do, and others are blessed to do what they love,” Weaver said. “I am blessed and surrounded by amazing people.”

Lorie Dixon, accounting assistant in Brownwood, and Julie Rhoades, Web Design and Development instructor in Brownwood, have been employed by the college for 25 years.

Dixon said her fondest memories are of the students.

“When I think back on the past 25 years, it makes me proud to remember all the students I’ve been able to help achieve their goals,” Dixon said.

Rhoades said helping people change their lives has been her goal since joining TSTC.

“I love the challenging opportunities that TSTC provides,” Rhoades said. “I enjoy working with web technology, and I especially enjoy helping others learn new skills, acquire new careers and change their lives for the better.”

Lulu Morales, student learning operations manager in Sweetwater, was honored for her 35 years with TSTC. 

Weaver said Morales’ contribution to TSTC is immeasurable.

“Lulu is an amazing woman who has supported all of us at TSTC,” he said.

Morales said TSTC’s mission of placing more Texans in the workforce is one she values on a personal level.

“I personally know the impact (TSTC’s mission) has made in my immediate family with myself, my sisters, my children and family members to receive a technical education and advance in their career goals,” she said.

Registration for the spring semester at TSTC is underway. For more information, visit tstc.edu.

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