Sweetwater Wind Energy Technology

Billie Jones hopes to continue to grow TSTC’s Wind Energy Technology program

(SWEETWATER, Texas) – Billie Jones takes pride in watching her students succeed, both in college and in the workforce.

The Texas State Technical College Wind Energy Technology instructor and statewide division chair works daily to make sure that students will be ready to work on day one.

“I want our students to have the best education and college experience they can. I want them to go to work and excel at what they do,” she said.

Jones, who has taught at TSTC since 2017, does not ask her students to do anything that she would not do herself.

“I love climbing the turbines with them, and I still do the workouts with our students,” she said. “I like to give the students a hard time when I beat them up the tower. I always look back at them and tell them they need to keep up.”

Jones’ teaching style is something that she learned from her father while growing up on a ranch.

“My dad always told me to prove to the boys how to do things right,” she said. “That is what I am showing our students.”

Student Rebecca Fortuna knows that having Jones as an instructor is helping her plan a career.

“She will get in there and help you with anything,” Fortuna said. “I have told girls that they need to talk to her if they are interested in the program.”

When Jones gets the chance, she enjoys talking to prospective students and their parents.

“I love doing the recruiting events and talking to students when they come on campus,” she said.

She also enjoys hearing from Wind Energy Technology program alumni who have been working in the field.

“I love it when our former students come back and talk to the class,” Jones said. “They can give them more of a perspective of what to expect in the field. Many of our former students tell the classes to work toward an associate degree because they know that is where the money is going to be.”

Jones and her fellow wind instructors work together to promote and improve the program.

“We want to give our students more of an advantage in the workforce. We want them to be the best for their company,” she said.

Jones hopes to continue improving the Wind Energy Technology program in order to accomplish the ultimate goal.

“I want to make our wind program the best in the country and the world,” she said.

During the month of March, TSTC wants to honor women in history and right on our campuses who work to make strides in STEM fields every day. For more information, visit tstc.edu.


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