Message from the Provost

Graduates, remember this day! 

From the day of your birth to the day you walked through the doors of TSTC, your entire life has prepared you in one way or another for this pivotal, monumental moment.

What you have earned is not to be underestimated. Your sacrifice, your determination, your blood, sweat and tears have earned you credentials that belong to you and you alone. This is the day that represents the culmination of all your lifelong efforts!

For some of you, this will be your first time to enter the professional marketplace, having begun your journey with TSTC directly out of high school. For others, this is a reinvention of yourself — “You 2.0” — in that you have upskilled or earned an entirely new set of skills after working for years in the industry. For others still, this is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of achieving college credentials. Regardless of the incentive, you have achieved the goal, and we herald your success and celebrate all of your accomplishments.

Graduates, now begins your next challenge. With this new opportunity, you are in the driver’s seat. You are the makers and shapers of the future of America and beyond. Graduates, find your passion and embrace it — be the architects of the future. You have the opportunity to build, create, prosper and provide for yourself and your loved ones, and to see your wildest dreams come to fruition. 

Be proud! Be strong! Be vigilant! Be courageous! Be kind! Love, laugh, and leave a legacy! 

Bryan Bowling

Candidates for Graduation


+Board of Regents


ΦPhi Theta Kappa


Diesel Equipment Technology

Heavy Truck Specialization
Associate of Applied Science

Aaron Fira

Heavy Truck Specialization
Certificate of Completion

Elias I. Acevedo

Fernando Aplicano

Ahmed Aweis

Erick A. Barboza

Rodrigo Becerra

Zachary T. Cardenas

Cole Daniels

Jonovan K. Freeman

Stephen Gallardo

Trace Hanzik

Ivan Ibarra*

Juan A. Romero*

Michael O. Toriz

Luis M. Zapeta

Electrical Lineworker Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Jason T. Alexander+

Thomas A. Garcia*

Jared G. Kopecky+

William S. Moncier+


Certificate of Completion

Michael Brady*

Christian Cepeda*

Dalton Cloudt*

Johnathan Crawford*

Alexander Duarte*

Davyion Ellis*Φ

Jason Flores

Angel Guerrero

Andrew Hayes*

Hayden Heffley*

Jared Hoffman

Jakambrein Johnson

Jared Kendrick*»

Travis Macha*

Bryson Meyer

Kody Mitchusson

Ivan M. Ortiz

Hayden Pearson

Michael A. Pedraza

Christian Perez*

Justin Pugh*»

Angel Ramirez

David Ramon

Jacob Reyes

Julio Reyes*

Isaac Rodriguez*

Esteban Romero

Manuel G. Rosales

Rick Sifuentes

Dylan R. Snow

Enrique Turrubiates+

Francisco Vazquez+

Joseph Wetterer*

Dustin L. Weinert*

Christopher Winton*

Colton Zela*»


Electrical Power & Controls Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Chase Brister*

Evelyn HavenΦ

Phillip Hong*Φ

Colton Kasper

Mason A. Rodriguez

Ryan D. Wagner*»

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Pedro R. Caxaj*

Norberto Mondragon

Jacob D. Ramirez

Certificate of Completion

Gus Chalhoub+

Juan L. Guerrero*

Francisco Hernandez*

Enrique Martinez+

Juan Martinez*

Hernan Martinez+

Isaac Ramirez*

Nathan Sobak+

Ulises Vega*

Industrial Systems

Mechanical Specialization
Associate of Applied Science

Noah M. Gamble

Nathan Page*

Online Programs

Click here for all Online Programs listed below:

Architectural/Civil Drafting Technology

Architectural Design & Engineering Graphics Technology

Business Management Technology

Chemical Dependency Counseling

Computer Networking & Systems Administration

Computer Programming Technology


Digital Media Design

Education & Training

Health Information Technology

Visual Communication Technology

Web Design & Development

Precision Machining Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Jeffrey Allred+

Spencer B. Bosarge

Mario Granados*»

Huzaif Mistry

Ricky Tirado+

Occupational Skills Award
Industrial Manufacturing Processes

Cristian Castellanos+

Logan J. Jasso+

Victoria Placencia+

Occupational Skills Award
Precision Machining

Elian Gorrostieta

James C. Hingle

Robotics Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Wesley P. Roberts*


Welding Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Hannah Balli

Jose L. Corona

Christopher C. Darden


Occupational Skills Award
Basic Welding – Multiple Processes

Vince Cabaddu

Brayton Salinas

Structural & Pipe Welding

Certificate of Completion

Grant Mechura

Zachary Roten

Fernando Vargas

Structural Welding

Certificate of Completion

Adrian AlvarezΦ

Oscar D. Balderas

Francisco Hernandez»

Dylan Johnson

Isela Martinez

Israel Martinez

Carlos R. Romo

Nicholas L. Schilhab*

Chase A. Spellman

Tyler Spurgeon

Gabriel Tadeo

Benjamin Valladares

Fernando Vargas

Pedro Vital

Walker Watson

Kenneth D. White

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