Message from the Vice President, Online Learning

Congratulations to the fall 2022 TSTC online graduates!

On behalf of the TSTC online faculty and staff, I offer my heartfelt congratulations to you, the graduating class of spring 2022, on this joyous and momentous occasion. Over the last few years, the number of TSTC online programs and students has grown tremendously. As a graduate of one of our online programs, you are at the forefront of the emerging future of TSTC. 

As a TSTC graduate, you have met the high rigor and standards of your program, and I am confident that you will be highly valued in business and industry for the knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout your coursework. In addition, success in an online program is a testament to your perseverance, strong work ethic, and commitment. Thank you for your contributions to our online community. I hope that your experience has been engaging and rewarding and that you have been able to build some lifelong friendships and partnerships. 

Finally, my most sincere thanks to your family members and friends.  No doubt they have inspired, motivated and supported you throughout this journey.

The entire TSTC community is proud of you, and we cannot wait to see what you do next! 

Wishing you much happiness and success, 

Gina Cano-Monreal, Ph.D.
Vice President, Online Learning

Candidates for Graduation


+Board of Regents


ΦPhi Theta Kappa


Architectural Civil Drafting Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Ishai J. Balderas




Certificate of Completion

Tyler J. Del Toro


Architectural Design & Engineering Graphics Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Kelly Humphrey*Φ

Dulce Zoleta


Occupational Skills Award

Rolando Trevino


Building Construction Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Lisa M. Alaniz

Ricky B. Dehay II*


Business Management Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Cesar A. Andrade

Jaime Arredondo

Faith R. Blackhat

Margarita Cantu

Elizabeth Casarez

Miriam L. De la Garza

Sheila Harris+

Abigail I. Gallardo

Emily S. Gomez

John R. Gonzales

Tametra L. Haggerty

Rachel Long+Φ

Holly A. Mendoza*»

Caralina L. Perez*

Adam Serrano

Akane Thaxton+

Mark Wester»


Occupational  Skills Award

Kati K. Zetzman*


Certificate of Completion

Rose Achord+

Jaime Arredondo

Chemical Dependency Counseling

Associate of Applied Science

Kandace Carr

Mykel Griggs*

Heather McNew*Φ

Tami Neinas*Φ


Certificate of Completion

Cristina Luna+

Computer Networking & Systems Administration

Associate of Applied Science

Michael D. Allen*

Zachary D. Boling*

Benjamin T. Chandler*Φ

Douglas R. Hodge III

Jonathan D. Knapp

Steve Lopez

Donald B. Smith II+

Branden Stone

Daniel Stowe*Φ

Matthew Turney*»

Frenchmon Williams

Ryan T. Hicks+Φ

Derick A. NicholsonEthan Nicholson



Occupational Skills Award

Nicholas Marchand

Computer Programming Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Tristen Ellis

Jozef D. Gertz

Ryan T. Hicks+Φ

Derick A. Nicholson

Ethan Nicholson

Miguel Ortega

Deep H. Parmar*

Christopher W. PolitschΦ

Cristian A. Rojas

Michal Wyatt


Certificate of Completion

Zechariahis Amaya*

Ian Anderson*

Jovanni M. Almazan

Gustavo Arreola-Benfer

Michael Averitt*

Nathan Briggs

Corbin Dillon *»

Jeffrey Gomez

Jazmin Hernandez

Braden Horton*

Luis Loya*

Ryan Luong

Madison Nicholson

Madison Settles*

Cory Smith+*

Carter Wallen

Joshua Whitwell

Jesus Wilkinson



Associate of Applied Science

Daniel A. Abrego

Maricela Alvarado

Matthew D. Au

Jonathani L. Avila

Edward Bloodworth»

Gregory S. Brunson*Φ

Austin Dacillo+

Anthony P. Goulet

Andrew P. Joyner

Wyatt O. Kinser

Decklan Littel*

Joshua R. Nicholson*»

Jay Ortega+Φ

John T. Parks

Betty A. Price

Edson A. Ramirez*

Gabrielle Robinson+

Asahael Rosas

David D. Scafe*

Belen Simoneaux*»

Nathan E. Vazquez

Micah Webb


Occupational Skills Award

Justin O. Olaleye

Gunnar Rath

Chloe Stoner

Certificate of Completion

Shawn Carlson

Christopher Reese

Christopher E. Salazar*

Digital Media Design

Associate of Applied Science

Gabriella M. Andrews

Seth E. Avila

Robert P. Benitez

Crystal Casanova

Kaylee M. Estrada*

Elijah J. Eubank

Aisha N. Gonzales

Jade A. Lewis

Isabel Limon

Bryson Murray

Justin E. Nunez


Occupational Skills Award

Heather D. Bryant

Education and Training

Associate of Applied Science

Alyssa M. Araiza*

Diana L. Cruz*Φ

Antonia Flores

Cynthia R. Garcia*

Adriana G. Gomez

Melissa Medina

Lorissa J. Melendez

Christina Ochoa

Victoria I. Perez

Amie S. Rodriguez

Rene A. Sauceda

Angelica N. Tamez*

Beatriz G. Vega*

Marianne Wingler*

Danielle Ybarra


Certificate of Completion

Alexandra A. Aguirre

Health Information Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Rebekah R. Brown

Amanda M. Cardenas*

Nelda G. Chavez

Julisa Gutierrez

Cristal Gutierrez

Adelaida B. Hermosa

Coco R. Huerta

Elisabeth Kennedy*

Sara Liscano

Juanita M. Moreno

Lori Oglesby*

Daniela M. Ornelas*

Melissa Veselka


Medical Coding & Billing Specialist
Certificate of Completion

Megan Moran*

Danery Ollervides


Visual Communication Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Geriko E. Bonilla

Holly E. Torres

Web Design & Development

Associate of Applied Science

Quavon Grant+

Certificate of Completion

Zachary Atwell

Kyle Balcar

Diana Cervantes

Michael C. Clesh

Joshua Guice

Angelina McCann+*

Dave McMillan+*

Judith A. Ortega

Kaylee Welch+


Web Design & Development – Basic Web Design

Occupational Skills Award

Gavin D. Ganceres

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