Message from the Provost

Dear graduates,

Each of you has set a goal, worked incredibly hard to reach that goal, and today sit among friends and family to celebrate reaching that finish line. In the last couple of years, there were probably a hundred reasons to quit. But you didn’t. Good for you!

That said, few folks set a goal of any kind and reach it without support, guidance, a little forgiveness, a lot of faith, and a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears. So as you celebrate, don’t forget to say thank you to those who helped you get to the finish line. 

My most sincere congratulations to all of you! And now, a challenge:

As I just mentioned, you set a great goal, and you — along with your support team — have reached a finish line. GREAT! Now, don’t stop. Learning is a lifetime journey. 

New technologies will continue to emerge on the world stage. Be the one who sets the pace rather than the one playing catch-up. And always remember that TSTC is right here to help you keep that technical edge. Never, ever, ever stop learning!

Congratulations, graduates and supporters. You did it!

Barton Day

Candidates for Graduation

Automation & Controls Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Tyler L. Abernathy+

Tyler M. Bollom

Artavius D. Brooks

Brewster A. Griffith

Richard B. Guest*Φ

Ethan Harris

Bryce Johnson Sr.

Ronald J. Kelm*Φ

Braiden McKinney

Cooper C. Morris

Aaron Smiley

Jaden L. Smith

Diesel Equipment Technology

Off Highway Specialization
Associate of Applied Science

Denise Hall*

Jose Ramirez Sr.

Kevin D. Wright»

Electrical Lineworker Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Trent Adkins

Andrew I. Aguilera Sr.

Issaiah R. Bailey*

Jaden C. Barger

Hunter Bundrick

Rafael Calvillo*Φ

Hunter E. Dubose

Stanley Floyd

Logan L. Foster

Daylon M. Fountain

Erick I. Hernandez Sr.

James P. Johnson*

Coleman W. Johnston*

Pedro Portillo

Reece Roberts

Brayton R. Thomas

Bryar P. Wagstaff

Certificate of Completion

Thomas Brayton

Bryer Caraway

Dalton Minter»

Floyd I. Stanley, IV

Industrial Systems

Electrical Specialization
Associate of Applied Science

Tennile TsosieΦ»


Industrial Systems Mechanic

Electrical Specialization
Certificate of Completion

Henry K. Gage

Online Programs

Click here for all Online Programs listed below:

Architectural/Civil Drafting Technology

Architectural Design & Engineering Graphics Technology

Business Management Technology

Chemical Dependency Counseling

Computer Networking & Systems Administration

Computer Programming Technology


Digital Media Design

Education & Training

Health Information Technology

Visual Communication Technology

Web Design & Development

Precision Machining

Occupational Skills Award
CNC Machine Operator Specialization

William Irvin

Occupational Skills Award

Rome M. Allison

Juan Felipe Cerda

Brandon Federico

Manual Salas


Process Operations

Associate of Applied Science

John Frazier*Φ

Christi GlawsonΦ

Kendrick Hollins Jr.

Trevin B. Jernigan

Eduardo Lopez

Uriel Romano

Alicia Sammons Barron*

Structural & Pipe Welding

Certificate of Completion

Kyle D. Campbell

Gunner Clark

Ryan Foreman*»

Structural Welding

Certificate of Completion

Terence Helton Sr.

James Jones


+Board of Regents


ΦPhi Theta Kappa


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