Please report any situation, observation or instinct you have about a student’s safety or the safety of the campus community. If you see something, say something.

For more information on the behavior expected of TSTC students, see the Student Code of Conduct.

Possible actions

From counseling services to health issues, learning accommodations to emergency situations, we are here to help. Some of the actions the CARE team may take include:

  • Assisting faculty or staff in developing a plan of action
  • Referring to the appropriate support services
  • Disciplinary action through the Student Rights & Responsibilities Office
  • Recommending involvement of family or emergency contact
  • Conducting a threat assessment
  • Voluntary or involuntary withdrawal from the college
  • Continued monitoring of the situation

Case follow-up

If it’s appropriate and possible, the CARE chair will let you know the status of the case and the steps that were taken. They may also encourage you to continue communicating with CARE.

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