Get Paid to Learn!

TSTC and FAME have joined forces with other community partners to provide new opportunities for the New Braunfels area.

By offering an Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) training program, TSTC and FAME work with local businesses to empower students in their education without the burden of debt. 

While working towards their AMT degree, students will also be working within supporting businesses to gain hands-on instruction within the workforce and help pay their way in the program. This partnership between the college, and the industry not only supports students financially but also ensures that the curriculum is directly aligned with the skills employers are seeking, enhancing job readiness upon graduation.

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Best-in-class education
with real-world, work-based, paid learning

In the AMT program, students take part in a combination education/training program to earn their associate degree.

Either attending classes or working with a partnered employer during their week, students have the chance to gain hands-on experience, apply the skills they’re gaining in the classroom and be paid competitively for their work, to boot.

After five semesters, students graduate with an associate of applied science degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 60 college credit hours with TSTC, and two years of work experience.

At this point, graduates will be ready to enter the workforce full-time with all the skills needed to succeed — and with the potential of no school debt!

A Solution for Today's Economy

Attend Classes Two Days Each Week

With two days in classes each week, you’ll gain the knowledge and safety practices to improve your performance in the workplace, backing up your hands-on experience.

Work Three Days Each Week

With three full days of work in your field, you’ll be trained on-the-job with employer sponsors and real pay; no unpaid internships or wasted time.

The Course Credit That Counts

Your time with TSTC and TxFAME allows you to leave the program with 60 college credits completed, plus two years of work experience, at the same time.

This Is Where Education Meets Industry


The TSTC & FAME Center provides higher education and technical skills training to support the real-world experience gained by AMT track students as they move through the program. With ample lab space for instruction in welding, industrial troubleshooting, and more, all of the classes necessary for graduation are offered at this Campus.

2189 FM 758
New Braunfels, TX 78130

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  • ~4,500 sq ft.
  • State-of-the-art training labs and equipment,
    plus instructional classrooms

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Earn while you learn!
TSTC has combined skills from Precision Machining, Welding, Industrial Systems, Robotics, and Electrical Power and Controls for an all-in-one curriculum that can make you a well rounded technician.
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