About the program

The NCCER Basic Rigger Program is a 140 clock-hour program that provides both didactic and experiential learning.

This program is designed to instruct participants in the NCCER Basic Rigger.

Fast-track your career

  • Complete your training in just 4 weeks
  • Program CEU’s 14.0
  • Hands-on training


  • NCCER Core
  • NCCER Basic Rigger
  • TSTC Certificate of Completion
Class type
Construction & Maintenance
4 Weeks (140 Hours)

Program Overview

A common activity at nearly every construction site is the movement of material and equipment from one place to another using various types of lifting gear. The procedures involved in performing this task are known as rigging. Not every worker will participate in rigging operations, but nearly all will be exposed to it at one time or another. This module provides an overview of the various types of rigging equipment, common hitches used during a rigging operation, and the related Emergency Stop hand signal.

The construction professional communicates constantly. The ability to communicate skillfully will help to make you a better worker and a more effective leader. This module provides guidance in listening to understand, and speaking with clarity. It explains how to use and understand written materials, and it also provides techniques and guidelines that will help you to improve your writing skills.

Lifting, stacking, transporting, and unloading materials such as brick, pipe, and various supplies are routine tasks on a job site. Whether performing these tasks manually or with the aid of specialized equipment, workers must follow basic safety guidelines to keep themselves and their co-workers safe. This module provides guidelines for using the appropriate PPE for the material being handled and using proper procedures and techniques to carry out the job.

Financial Assistance

  • You may be eligible for assistance through Cameron County Workforce Solutions.
  • You may apply for assistance through Cameron County Workforce Solutions by completing the form.
  • Sallie Mae Loan Program

Texas Workforce Development WIOA Funding Assistance

  • Award amount varies – $4,500 average
  • You may apply for assistance through Cameron County Workforce Solutions by completing the form.

Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan

  • Minimum borrowing amount of $1,000
  • Can cover required materials for training.
  • Credit-based, with co-sign option
  • More information and loan applications can be found here.


  • Cash Pay

Please note: Any combination of these funding sources can be utilized to satisfy the total cost of the program.


How do I apply?

Simply click here and complete the application.