Aircraft Pilot Training Technology - Airplane AAS

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Aircraft Pilot Training Technology - Airplane AAS Credits:
Semester 1Credits
Complete the following
AIRP1215Private Flight2
AIRP1301Air Navigation3
AIRP1307Aviation Meteorology3
AIRP1417Private Pilot Ground School4
Semester Total 12
Semester 2Credits
Complete the following
AIRP2355Propulsion Systems3
AIRP1345Aviation Safety3
AIRP1175Intermediate Flight1
ACGM3MTHGen Ed Mathematics Elective3
Semester Total 13
Semester 3Credits
Complete the following
AIRP1451Instrument Ground School4
AIRP2250Instrument Flight2
ACGM3GEDGen Ed Elective3
Complete at least 3 credits from the following
ENGL1301Composition I3
ENGL2311Technical & Business Writing3
Semester Total 12
Semester 4Credits
Complete the following
AIRP2357Turbine Aircraft Systems Ground School3
AIRP2337Commercial Ground School3
AIRP2239Commercial Flight2
ACGM3SBSGen Ed Social/Behavioral Science Elective3
Semester Total 11
Semester 5Credits
Complete the following
AVIM2337Aviation Law3
AIRP2449Instructor Ground School4
ACGM3HFAGen Ed Humanities/Fine Arts Elective3
Complete the following
AIRP2236Certified Flight Instructor - Flight2
Complete the following
AIRP2251Multiengine Flight2
Semester Total 14
Degree Plan Credits 62
  • AIRP 1175, AIRP 2250 Prerequisite(s): AIRP 1215
  • AIRP 2239 Prerequisite(s): AIRP 2250
  • AIRP 2236, AIRP 2251 Prerequisite(s): AIRP 2239
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