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Texas State Technical College SOS - Fiscal Affairs

FA 1.09Refund of Tuition and Fee Schedule
FA 1.10Tuition and Fee Schedule
FA 1.12Resident Tuition for Students of Bordering States or Nations
FA 1.13Disposal of Surplus Property
FA 1.14Utilization of a Contracted Workforce
FA 1.16Purchasing Authority
FA 1.17Emergency Student Tuition, Fee and Textbook Loan
FA 1.19Real and Personal Property Accountability
FA 1.20Insurance
FA 1.23Post Issuance Tax-Exempt Bond
FA 1.4Annual Preparation and Maintenance of Budget
FA 1.6Taking of Consumable Inventory
FA 1.8Payment by Installments
FA 2.1Establishment and Control of Petty Cash Funds
FA 2.02Control of Cash, Cash Receipts and Cash Refunds
FA 2.03Policy for Investments
FA 2.4Policy for Debt Management
FA 3.1Acceptance of Gifts and Bequests
FA 3.2Fiscal Administration of Gifts and Grants as Agency Funds
FA 3.3Texas Public Educational Grants
FA 3.4Administration of Sponsored Program Grants
FA 4.4Contract Administration
FA 5.4Utilization of Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)
FA 6.1Official TSTC Employee Travel
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