(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Elizabeth Bryant has enjoyed many fulfilling careers in her professional life. She has worked for the government, spent time as a journalist, and even been a legislative aide.

However, she now considers her most rewarding role to be that of instructor of government classes at Texas State Technical College.

Inspired by her mother, who was a first grade teacher in her home state of Louisiana, Bryant has found her passion at TSTC, where she is eager to change the lives of her students, just like her mom.

“It was inspiring to see how much my mom meant to her students,” she said. “She always remembered who they were when she’d run into them. I always thought teaching would be a rewarding way to spend your time.”

Bryant worked for 25 years in government jobs at both the state and federal level before becoming an instructor.

“I decided to finish my graduate degree with the goal of teaching college freshmen and sophomores focusing on civic engagement,” she said. “Of all the professional experiences I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy, being at TSTC is by far the best.”

Although she no longer works in government, her prior career is not too far away.

“One of the assignments in my courses is to write to an elected official requesting assistance with an issue in their community,” she said. “They also can write to an elected official to request clarification on an issue facing our state or our country. It is wonderful when students share with me the results of this assignment. Many have been able to solve community issues or gain deeper understanding of current events.”

Bryant’s time at TSTC has brought many new memories that she is grateful for.

“Each time I see a student succeed and take another step toward achieving their goals is so rewarding,” she said.

TSTC’s hands-on learning and student-to-instructor ratio are not only qualities that she thinks make TSTC different, but also factors that she would have appreciated during her own college years.

“I would have really benefited from a place like TSTC when I was transitioning from high school to college,” she said. “TSTC offers flexible schedules with multiple platforms, such as online learning, compressed semesters and traditional lecture courses. TSTC focuses on student success beyond their time on campus.”

The commitment to student success does not end once students leave the classroom.

“TSTC is committed to placing students in great jobs once they complete their program,” Bryant said. “Some prospective students may be worried because they’ve been out of the classroom for a while, but that should not stop them from pursuing their degree. TSTC instructors are committed to working with students to help them adjust to the college experience.”

TSTC’s fall registration is currently underway. For more information, visit tstc.edu.

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