John Sherman, Altec’s talent pipeline development manager, recently spoke to TSTC students in Abilene and Sweetwater about job opportunities with the company.

(SWEETWATER, Texas) – John Sherman knows that Texas State Technical College graduates will give their best in the workforce.

The Altec talent pipeline development manager gave students advice on how to enter the workforce and be good employees. He spoke to students at the Sweetwater and Abilene campuses about job opportunities and what Altec provides to the nation’s utility companies.

“Each one of you is taught the skills to be the best mechanic,” he said. “TSTC is one of the best schools in the nation to teach you the skills needed to succeed. I am looking for that, and also the human being that has integrity.”

Sherman told students from TSTC’s Automotive Technology, Diesel Equipment Technology and Wind Energy Technology programs in attendance at the Sweetwater campus that they will have the ability to work for Altec as shop equipment mechanics or field equipment mechanics.

“What you are learning is exactly what we need to fix the back end of our trucks,” he said.

Altec is a leading provider of products and services to the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, lights and signs, and contractor markets. Sherman said 80% of the company’s technicians are former diesel or automotive technicians.

“(Our employees) tell us we are the best-kept secret in a mechanic’s life,” he said. “That is why we want to talk to TSTC students.”

Sherman said Altec equipment can be seen during any major weather event.

“We have sent scores of employees to Florida to help support cleanup efforts after storms,” he said. “We are in California working to help people following the snowstorm. You will see our logo on television when an event like that happens. People trust us.”

Sherman said the opportunities within the company are many.

“I know TSTC is interested in you staying in Texas for work,” he told the students. “We have the opportunities here with three service centers in Texas.”

Altec also employs 38 mobile technicians who call Texas home, Sherman said.

“The best thing about our jobs is that we are continuing to grow,” he said. “We grew 22% during COVID-19. We are going to be one of the more stable companies to come to TSTC to provide job opportunities.”

Sherman said the reason why Altec remains a viable company is that “power is not going to go away.”

“We all want to keep our smartphones charged and the lights on,” he said.

Sherman also offered students advice about interviewing for jobs with Altec or any other company.

“Write your resume where they can’t help but talk to you,” he said. “But make sure you can back it up. A good recruiter will challenge it.”

Sherman said TSTC’s Career Services representatives, including Brittany Wilson at the Sweetwater campus, are a valuable resource for students.

“Brittany and her team will help you in writing a well-prepared resume,” he said. “Take advantage of that.”

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