(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Whether to be on the forefront of construction projects or supervising during the making of the next great skyscraper, Building Construction Technology at Texas State Technical College prepares students for careers in the constantly evolving field of construction.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this field will continue to grow by 11 percent through 2028, much faster than average. TSTC gives students the essential tools they need to head into this occupation with confidence.

“We teach the skills that encompass nearly every aspect of construction included in residential and commercial construction and management,” said lead Building Construction Technology instructor Rick Vargas. “Our curriculum provides a look into the construction industry that will help our students to find a job in a field they love.”

While Building Construction Technology does include construction management, there are also many additional career paths that students will be prepared for.

“After studying at TSTC, a student can become an Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspector, project manager, estimator, and any type of subcontractor,” Vargas said. “Several of our graduates even opened their own construction companies right after graduation and have been very successful.”

TSTC maintains high standards to ensure that students receive the training that will give them an edge in the job market, which is one aspect that makes studying the program at TSTC different than at any other college.

“Our program prides itself on having the best hands-on curriculum in the Rio Grande Valley,” Vargas said. “We have a multitude of projects going up in different classes that students love doing. It is hard work, but it is definitely a payoff to build something from start to finish throughout their time in our program.”

Statewide department chair Tony Chaffin reiterated that at TSTC, hands-on learning for Building Construction Technology is vital.

“While we do teach the textbook knowledge that all such trade programs teach, 80 percent of our technical classes have four hours per week of hands-on labs,” he said. “Students are able to touch and use the tools, materials and methods that we are teaching them about in the classroom or online. Putting on that tool belt is why our students come to TSTC.”

Building Construction Technology is an area that Vargas said is not slowing down anytime soon.

“Civilization will always need construction workers to build new buildings, repair broken or damaged buildings, or rebuild when natural disasters occur,” he said. “Construction is an essential part of human civilization.”

Chaffin added that the expanding Texas population only means a greater outlook for jobs in the industry.

“Construction is vital to our society and economy,” he said. “Texas’ population is exploding as people and companies are flocking to our state. With growth expected to continue, we are very optimistic about the many rewarding career opportunities out there in construction.”

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