Harlingen Computer Programming Technology

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Coding, JavaScript, and Python may seem like foreign languages to some, but for Texas State Technical College students enrolled in Computer Programming Technology, they are as easy as the alphabet.

The program, which is taught online, prepares students to become problem solvers behind the scenes while not forgetting other vital components of career training, like project management and communication skills.

TSTC statewide department chair Shannon Ferguson and instructor Shelby Coffman discussed the program’s benefits and what students can expect to learn.

“Students enrolled in Computer Programming technology will work with industry-standard development tools and resources,” Coffman said. “Throughout their coursework, students use these tools to complete projects that simulate real-world scenarios. We want our students to achieve mastery by demonstrating their proficiency on the topics we cover.”

Ferguson added that the impact of a computer programmer is a lot closer than most people would assume.

“Behind every software, website, game and mobile application is a computer programmer who makes things happen,” he said. “Programmers are needed in every facet of business and industry. We live in a world where we have access to products, information, and resources to help us in our daily lives at the click of a mouse. Computer programmers make this possible.”

Ferguson and Coffman both agree that the quality curriculum available at TSTC makes a great impact on the learning outcomes of students.

“Technology, as well as industry demand, is continually changing and evolving,” Ferguson said. “Like most programs at TSTC, the Computer Programming department regularly reevaluates and adjusts our curriculum to meet the needs of industry partners and demand.”

Coffman said that the department also makes sure to stay competitive in the industry.

“We work closely with our departmental advisory board to ensure we teach the skills and topics that industry is looking for in prospective employees,” he said. “Our goal is to produce graduates that are ready for the workforce.”

According to the Texas Workforce Commission and https://www.onetonline.org/, the field is expected to grow by at least 10 percent over the next 10 years.

Both instructors have advice for students who are curious about the program.

“If you are interested in technology, how software works and can approach problems as solvable challenges, then you can be successful as a computer programmer.”

To learn more about the programs available at TSTC, visit tstc.edu.



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