Kolby Risner stands next to a sign welcoming people to TSTC

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – During this year’s National Police Week from May 14 to May 20, Texas State Technical College honored the police and security officers who work to keep students, faculty, staff and visitors safe on campus.

Kolby Risner, a security officer for TSTC’s Fort Bend County campus, loves helping others. As a father, he feels a responsibility to protect not only his own children, but the children of others as well.

“With all the things going on in the world, I feel like it is a part of me and my responsibilities to help as many people as I can,” Risner said. “I want to make them feel as safe as they can. I love going around smiling and talking with people, trying to make their day.”

Risner also serves as part of the Army Reserve. His experience in the military played a role in his decision to join TSTC as a security officer.

Each day he does his best to connect with TSTC students to help them realize that he is there to help them.

“I feel like a lot of the students, when they see me, think, ‘Oh hey, it’s security. I need to straighten up,’” Risner said. “But handing out citations and warnings is not all we are here for. We have tools to help students with whatever issues they may have, like locking themselves out of cars, directions, whatever. We try to connect with the students on a family level and really be there for them.”

Risner is familiar with the area, having grown up in both Rosenberg and Needville. His mom helped guide him down his career path, and he credits his family for being a big part of why he loves to help others. He began working at TSTC last November.

“I love working at TSTC,” Risner said. “Everyone here is friendly and has greeted me with open arms from day one.”

Registration for TSTC’s fall semester is underway. For more information, go to tstc.edu.

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