CCS02120 372x451 - Faculty, staff reflect on love for TSTC

(RED OAK, Texas) – “TSTC feels like home,” Marcus Balch, provost for Texas State Technical College’s North Texas campus, said. “Coming to work each day feels less like a job and more like an opportunity to help someone.”

In observance of the recent Valentine’s Day holiday, Balch and Matthew Dobbs, a program team lead at TSTC’s North Texas campus, reflected on what they love most about the college.

“Our focus on technical education and hands-on training is my favorite part,” Dobbs said. “We use hands-on, real-world scenarios to enhance our instruction. (Students), and I, appreciate the opportunity to work directly with equipment and technologies relevant to our field. The emphasis on practical skills often translates well into real-world applications and job readiness.”

Balch said his years at TSTC seem to have passed quickly.

“Upon taking my first position with TSTC, I thought I would work here a year or two and gain some experience and move on,” Balch said. “Twenty-four years later, I’m here still, contributing each and every day to help fellow Texans become more successful.”

Dobbs said hearing about those successes have become some of his favorite memories of his time at TSTC.

“I enjoy it when any student goes out into their career and returns to share that the knowledge that we have given them has given them a head start on making them great technicians,” he said.

For Balch, the answer was similar. It was the success of students and the relationships built that have become some of his favorite memories.

“For me it’s the countless conversations over breakfast or lunch with a colleague/friend over the years,” he said. “It’s the countless commencement ceremonies that I am privileged to take part in. It’s the pinnacle of the time spent at TSTC, and there is nothing more powerful to witness.”

This dedication to growing relationships and to a student’s education are what both Balch and Dobbs felt people needed to know about.

“TSTC’s commitment to innovation and staying current with industry trends is noteworthy,” Dobbs said. “This dedication ensures that students receive relevant and up-to-date training, enhancing their employability upon graduation. This engagement fosters a sense of pride and connection among TSTC students, faculty, staff and alums.”

Balch echoed the sentiment.

“Whether you are a student or an employee or an industry partner, whether you know it or not, you have a powerful team working hard each and every day to help you realize success,” Balch said.

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