(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Inspired by her mother, who was a nurse case manager, Natalie Hudson-Rapp knew as a teenager that she wanted to work in health care. Texas State Technical College’s affordability and Health Information Technology program enticed the Colorado native to further her education. Along that journey, she achieved many accomplishments, including wrapping up her time at TSTC in an exceptional way.

“If someone had told me two years ago that I would be graduating with honors, I would have said they were crazy!” she said. “If they had told me that I would be president of the local chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, I would tell them they were insane.”

Hudson-Rapp’s time at TSTC has not only well-equipped her for the future, it has also given her the chance to expand her leadership before this chapter of her life comes to an end.

 What motivated you to choose TSTC?

 I chose TSTC because it allowed me to return to school without breaking the bank.

 Who at TSTC has had the most influence on your success?

 My instructor Ana Gonzales. She has been my sounding board when I needed to vent. She has pushed me to my fullest potential because she believed in me. She let me cry in her classroom when I was so stressed that I thought I would break. Mrs. Gonzales not only did this for me, but she is willing to embrace all her students this way. She is part of what makes the Health Information Technology program successful and great.

 What are some unique aspects of the program at TSTC?

 I was drawn by the smaller size of the college. I am a hands-on learner, and the prospect of being able to apply what I am learning in a real-world setting was appealing.

 What is one of your favorite memories about the program?

 My favorite memories include my group of the most amazing ladies that have now become friends. We all entered the program at the same time, but it wasn’t until three semesters in that we really clicked. We have supported each other through school and personal issues. I would not have made it without them.

 Do you have any advice for future TSTC students?

 Get involved on campus. Take advantage of all the resources that are available, such as tutoring and the library.

To learn more about programs and extracurricular organizations at TSTC, visit tstc.edu.

Natalie Hudson Rapp Photo 300x300 - Health Information Technology graduate ready to step into the health care field

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