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(ABILENE, Texas) – The health care industry is one of the most complex industries in the world because it constantly changes.

To help keep up with new trends, Texas State Technical College and Practice Management Institute have teamed up to train Hendrick Health staff members on the new upscale medical and billing coding systems. The one aspect of the industry that never changes is the need for current, up-to-date information by doctors, nurses and staff on the business side of running a practice.

TSTC recently received a $255,586 grant from the Texas Workforce Commission to facilitate the training with PMI for Hendrick employees in Abilene and Brownwood.

“This is a great opportunity for us to partner with a great team at PMI to facilitate this training,” said Cindy Brunett, TSTC’s executive director of workforce training.

PMI, recognized by both the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Department of Labor for training in medical coding, third-party billing, office management and compliance, is a leading training, networking and credentialing resource for medical office professionals.

Michael Moore, PMI’s vice president of partner development, is thrilled with the continued difference that these partnerships are making in the everyday work lives of Hendrick Health employees.

“Our organizations share a common mission to help medical office personnel stay on top of the latest industry changes, trends and solutions, and we support them fully in the commitment they have to the success of their employees,” he said. “This is our third Skills Development Fund grant in the Hendrick Health/TSTC/PMI collaboration, and it is so great to see the Texas Workforce Commission mission being carried out in this way.”

Hendrick employees will be offered numerous courses taught by TSTC and PMI employees.

“We are going to cover a wide range of topics, from clinical documentation to medical coding,” said Sarah Brooks, TSTC’s Health Information Technology program director.

Lori Sweet, compliance manager for Hendrick, said having the most up-to-date information will help the staff become stronger.

“Hendrick is very supportive of their staff and believes any education that will support and help build a stronger health care system is important,” she said. “The partnership with TSTC and PMI has helped to build and improve employee skills that impact the quality of care of patients, families, the community and surrounding areas.”

In 2021, Hendrick expanded its services to a larger community and new facilities.

“This opportunity has brought training to staff that has not had opportunities of specialized training,” Sweet said. “This partnership has created an enthusiasm by staff to expand their knowledge and expand on their skills within our organization.”

Brooks said employees will learn the latest information to keep pace with the growing health care industry – with one goal.

“We want the staff to be abreast of the best and latest practices because this all leads back to offering the best patient care possible.”

For more information, visit tstc.edu.

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