A student sits across a table from a coach wearing a hat. Two students sit in the background.

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – Students sat down nervously across a table from coaches prepped to ask them questions. At the start of a 30-minute timer, the interviews began.

More than 40 Texas State Technical College students worked on their interview skills over the course of two days at a recent interview practicum held at TSTC’s Fort Bend County campus. The days were split into two sessions each, with students rotating between interview coaches three times.

“I’ve received a lot of positive feedback,” said Isaiah Albright, an Electrical Lineworker and Management Technology student working toward his associate degree. “Speaking for everyone here, we were all nervous starting, but now it really feels like I’m being prepared for an actual interview.”

Each of the students brought with them resumes that they had prepared with the help of TSTC Career Services representatives. While some students were interviewed in pairs due to the large number of them, each practice interview was treated as much like a real one as possible.

The coaches, a mix of TSTC staff and faculty in addition to industry representatives, asked broad questions pertaining to whatever industry the students are training for.

One of the coaches on the second day was Sarah Woods. She is a student in the HVAC Technology program working toward a certificate of completion and an associate degree. After being interviewed on day one, she volunteered to do the interviewing on day two. With a background working in the HVAC industry, she felt a need to help other students prepare to enter the workforce.

“I feel like I’m contributing and helping provide a more realistic response for what employers want,” Woods said. “I really try to help them (the students) think outside the box.”

With most of the students in attendance being close to graduation, it was a good opportunity for them to prepare before having to job hunt. Kent Weed, a Career Services representative, said sharpening interview skills is key to obtaining a good job.

“We try to encourage students to let us help them be prepared for interviews,” Weed said. “Even outside of this event, we do one-on-one interviews with those who are close to graduating. If they are driving on the way to (an interview), we tell them they can call and we’ll ask them questions to help calm them and feel more prepared.”

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