2R6A1702 2 1 372x451 - Prolec GE Waukesha holds employer spotlight for TSTC Electrical Lineworker and Management students

Recruiter Norris Chamberlain of Prolec GE Waukesha hosted a 20-minute employer spotlight at Texas State Technical College’s Marshall campus on Wednesday, July 26. An astounding 62 Electrical Lineworker and Management Technology students attended the seminar.

The workload of Prolec GE Waukesha — known primarily for manufacturing power transformers — has nearly tripled over the last two years. At the time of the spotlight, the company was looking to hire 25 new employees and hoping to add 20-25 more each year.

“You already have an outstanding mechanical aptitude,” Chamberlain told the lineworkers in training. “Those basic skill sets are exactly what we want. We’ll teach you the rest of the stuff.”

Prolec GE Waukesha is looking for those with a passion for travel, promising that 100% of business hours will be spent across one of their three United States regions — all expenses paid. Salaries begin at $25 an hour with overtime, full benefits, and plenty of room for growth and advancement.

The company has been attending TSTC’s career fairs for five years straight. In the past three months alone, it has hired 10 TSTC graduates. Chamberlain stated that his company has never held a bad interview with a TSTC student.

“They all have the right attitude and demeanor,” Chamberlain said. “You can see in their eyes they want to work. We love coming here. I’d like to be here every week.”

Chamberlain left campus that day with 10 new resumes in his possession. Prolec GE Waukesha will return for the TSTC campus career fair in Marshall on October 3.

Students like Mark Johnson greatly appreciate TSTC’s regular spotlights, having attended several in the past. 

“(The spotlights) are very important, helping us get ready for the world, letting us know exactly what we need to do to prepare ourselves for when we’re able to find a job,” Johnson said.

Registration is underway for TSTC’s fall semester. For more information, visit tstc.edu.

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