A student wearing jeans and a teal sweatshirt works with wires.

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – Texas State Technical College’s Fort Bend County campus saw its largest enrollment ever in the fall of last year. That trend continued into 2024 with the largest spring semester enrollment ever recorded at the campus. More and more people are choosing TSTC.

Here’s why.

For a lot of TSTC students, the prospect of a high-paying job is why they choose to pursue a higher education in the first place. Thang Nguyen, a recent graduate from the Industrial Systems program, enrolled at TSTC so he could apply for the position he wanted.

“I worked for Frito-Lay already as an operator before coming to TSTC,” he said. “When I wanted to move into a technician job, I figured it was better for me to get some higher level of training and certification before going back and applying.”

With a job placement rate of over 90%, TSTC graduates have a high chance of obtaining the job they want, at the salary they want. Helping students obtain that is one of the foundational goals of TSTC.

“We are not trying to fill seats for money,” said Kimberly Poblano, director of recruitment for TSTC’s Fort Bend County campus. “Everything we do is for the students’ graduation and job-finding. When your motives are different, you get a different outcome.”

Still, many people find that a traditional classroom setting is not for them. Additionally, financial challenges can put dreams of a higher education on the back burner. TSTC works to solve both those problems as well.

“We aren’t your traditional idea of higher education,” said Shirin Purnell, senior enrollment officer at the Fort Bend County campus. “We offer more hands-on learning to prepare you faster for the field. It eliminates the fear of a traditional classroom setting.”

With TSTC’s money-back guarantee in nine different programs, not finding a job within six months of graduation means a tuition refund for participating graduates of those programs, alleviating the fear of spending money on education only to end up endlessly job hunting.

“We offer skill-based and short-term programs,” Poblano said. “If people want to learn a skill while figuring things out, we offer that. At TSTC, you can get individualized attention for your future.”

For more information, go to tstc.edu.

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