(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Alissa Sosa, 19, expects to earn her associate degree this semester from Texas State Technical College.

The Harlingen native is an active member of the TSTC Leadership Academy and the Chemical Technology Club. With her participation in both organizations, Sosa has also been able to complete community service activities such as beach cleanups.

What are your plans after graduation?

After I graduate I plan on transferring to the University of Texas at San Antonio to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry.

What’s your dream job?

My ultimate dream is to earn a Ph.D. and work in medical research to find cures for serious illnesses and diseases. I want what I do to make a difference in other’s lives.

What has been your greatest accomplishment while at TSTC?

My greatest accomplishments are one: getting this far in my education. I’m almost graduating and I never thought it was possible. I seriously considered joining the army to afford a valuable education that would lead to success. And two: I’ll be graduating from the Leadership Academy in a couple of months and the lessons I have learned and the experience I have gained have been a great accomplishment for me.

What greatest lesson have you learned about yourself or life?

I have learned that I am capable of anything. Before coming to TSTC I doubted my abilities and I never saw a future for myself. And being here has helped me realize with hard work and dedication I can achieve what I set my mind to. I now have a direction and I know what I want to do and where I want to go.

Who at TSTC has had the most influence on your success?

My Chemical Technology instructor Everardo Villarreal and former department chair Robert Hernandez have had the most influence in my success. They have both really encouraged me and pushed me to keep going when times get tough. They have helped me believe in myself.

What is your advice for future TSTC students?

My advice for future TSTC students is to reach out if you need help. TSTC has so many resources that can assist students who are having trouble in class or in life. Also, get involved on campus. Yes, school can be stressful, but TSTC also makes it a priority to make it fun with its different clubs and student activities.

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