Texas Mutual Insurance Co.

(WACO, Texas) – The Austin-based Texas Mutual Insurance Co.’s $75,000 grant awarded in late 2021 through The TSTC Foundation to Texas State Technical College will go toward ongoing efforts for veterans and purchase equipment for workforce training.

“The intent of the grant is to assist veterans regardless of where they are located or what programs they want to participate in,” said Kenneth Buford, TSTC’s director of veteran recruitment.

One of the initiatives that funding could be used is for participants in the Manufacturing Institute’s Heroes MAKE America program. A third cohort of military members transitioning to civilian life are currently taking workforce training classes in mechatronics at TSTC’s Waco campus.

“Many of these soldiers come from a technical MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) and just need some training to translate those skills into the private sector, ” said Michael Smith, The TSTC Foundation’s vice president of development. “We wanted to have a safety net for them to ensure there is a smooth transition from their military careers into civilian life.”

The grant is part of the company’s $5 million grant funding for nonprofit organizations in the state for generational learning, safety training and workforce development.

“Educating and training the next generation of Texas workers is critical to the state’s success,” said Jeremiah Bentley, the company’s vice president of marketing and community affairs. “And, ensuring those workers get home safely to their families is key for Texas Mutual and our communities across the state.”

For more information on Texas State Technical College, go to tstc.edu

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