East Williamson County scholarship breakfast

(HUTTO, Texas) – Representatives of Texas State Technical College in East Williamson County and the Hutto Education Foundation gathered Tuesday at a breakfast to recognize TSTC students from the Hutto Independent School District.

The students are receiving scholarships from The TSTC Foundation provided by the Hutto Education Foundation to pay for a portion of their third and fourth semesters at TSTC.

“This scholarship program encourages and supports a wonderful local and affordable opportunity for students to attend college close to home,” said Lissa Adams, provost of TSTC in East Williamson County. “My hope is that these scholarships help these deserving students cross the finish line and graduate with little to no college debt.”

Michael Smith, vice president of development for The TSTC Foundation, said one of the things he likes about his job is celebrating the accomplishments of students. He said one of The TSTC  Foundation’s goals this year is to connect students with donors to build awareness.

Smith said he appreciates the Hutto Education Foundation’s focus on students’ persistence in their studies.

“It’s just our opportunity to celebrate some of the Hutto ISD alumni and build connections,” said Claudia Cardwell, director of the Hutto Education Foundation. 

Celina Estrada-Thomas, superintendent of the Hutto Independent School District, said the event was a pride-filled moment for the students, the school district and the Hutto Education Foundation. She said the Hutto Education Foundation puts a lot of time into helping local students who are completing their technical programs at TSTC.

Richie Cooper, of Hutto, is an Industrial Systems – Mechanical Specialization student scheduled to graduate in December from TSTC in East Williamson County. He said the help that the scholarship that the Hutto Education Foundation is providing to himself and other local students is a blessing.

“I’m grateful to be in a position where I can accept this,” Cooper said. “I’m very happy.”

Tyler Stromsness, of Hutto, is a Precision Machining Technology student scheduled to graduate in December from TSTC in East Williamson County.

“I’m honored I was able to get the scholarship,” he said. “I’m lucky I got this amount of money to get on my feet.”

After graduation, Cooper and Stromsness said they are eager to work in their professions, hopefully in the Austin area.

In lieu of certificates, students in attendance selected from baseball caps and sunglasses from the Hutto Education Foundation. 

Other TSTC students who were recognized, with some not able to attend the event, include East Williamson County campus students Rebekah DeLeeuw, Matthew Dominguez, Daniel Leigh, Michael Rose, David Rubio-Carmona and James Weldon, and Waco campus student Coltin Chavez.

Students who live in the city are eligible for scholarships with funding provided by the city of Hutto through The TSTC Foundation to pay for part of their first and second semesters at TSTC. 

Third- and fourth-semester students who are Hutto ISD graduates are eligible for the Hutto Education Fund’s scholarships. As people go to Williamson County’s landfill in Hutto, they pay a tipping fee that goes to the county. The Williamson County Commissioners Court appropriates a portion of the money to go toward efforts in Hutto. Funding is given to the Hutto Education Foundation, which is then passed on to The TSTC Foundation to award to Hutto students.

To qualify for funding throughout their time at TSTC, students must be in good academic standing.

Hutto High School students planning to attend TSTC can talk to a TSTC recruitment representative for scholarship details. Current TSTC students who graduated from Hutto High School can contact a TSTC enrollment coach for additional information.

To learn more about the Hutto Education Foundation, go to hipponation.org/hef.

For more information on Texas State Technical College, go to tstc.edu

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