(SWEETWATER, Texas) – Kimberly Dean, a 2018 graduate of Texas State Technical College’s registered nursing program, was recently named coordinator of health services at Sweetwater Independent School District.

Dean, who is originally from California, has always been intrigued by medicine. She started her career as a certified nursing assistant and later became a licensed vocational nurse. She is now a registered nurse overseeing a group of nurses at each school in the district.

“I always thought it was amazing what the body can do,” Dean said. “I knew straight out of high school I wanted to study medicine.”

Dean is adjusting to her new role as a supervisor but is excited to be part of the school district.

“This is a little different than acute care,” she said, referring to her former job as a nurse at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital in Sweetwater. “I am more in charge of managing students’ chronic conditions and helping to keep everyone healthy at school.”

Sweetwater ISD Superintendent Drew Howard said Dean’s role will be necessary to students, faculty and staff members.

“This position will help us provide additional support to our campus nurses, as well as focus on one of our district goals: to increase the number of SISD Social and Emotional Learning and wellness checks,” he said.

Dean’s responsibilities include developing goals, objectives and priorities of the program, in conjunction with the district’s nurses and other district staff members. She will also be tasked with recommending policies related to health and safety, and provide advice on matters impacting students, staff and the community.

Dean said she will have to maneuver through a learning curve as supervisor.

“We have a good group of nurses. They are excellent at what they do,” she said. “I know that they do all the work, and we will make sure our students are safe.”

It was a tough decision for Dean to leave Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital, but she is pleased with her decision.

“These new hours of work are great for me and my family,” she said. “It was a bittersweet decision to leave Rolling Plains, but I am excited about this new adventure.”

TSTC Nursing instructor Lisa Van Cleave said Dean will excel in her new role.

“I know Kimberly to demonstrate compassion for her patients and families and to give excellent care,” she said. “We are fortunate to have Kimberly’s service and input into our nursing program.”

Dean, who serves on the college’s Associate Degree Nursing advisory board, will continue to promote TSTC’s program.

“I would love to see some of our students get into nursing. I hope to help direct them to TSTC,” she said. “There are excellent instructors at TSTC, and I have a lot of respect for them.”

For more information about TSTC, visit tstc.edu.

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