Brownwood Workforce Training

(BROWNWOOD, Texas) – Leaders from Texas State Technical College, the Texas Workforce Commission and 3M Brownwood gathered Thursday to commemorate a $78,771 Skills Development Fund grant aimed at improving 35 workers’ skills at the 3M Brownwood facility.

The grant will provide customized training for 33 incumbent and two new 3M Brownwood employees that will take place at both TSTC in Brownwood and the 3M Brownwood plant. Employees will receive training in electrical safety and craft skills training.

3M Brownwood EHS/Plant Engineering Manager Chad Benton believes this is a great opportunity to improve the skills of their employees.

“The increase of new technology at the plant means we need to increase the skills of our folks operating the technology,” Benton said. “This grant is a big success for TSTC, for us and for the community.”

Training is already underway and will be completed in July.

“TSTC has an impeccable record. They are following the governor’s orders and putting people to work. When we gather for events like this, it shows, and we see all the partnerships needed to create jobs and support the economy,” Julian Alvarez, commissioner representing labor for the Texas Workforce Commission, said.

Ray Tipton, executive director for the Brownwood Municipal Development District, said he is excited and thankful for what the grant will do not only for the 3M employees, but also for the city of Brownwood.

TSTC in West Texas Provost Rick Denbow agreed, saying he believes this is a success that will be felt beyond Brownwood.

“This is a win for everybody. It’s a win for the employees, the local economy, the state of Texas and for TSTC. We are putting people to work, and that’s what TSTC was chartered to do,” Denbow said.

The Skills Development Fund has been used since 1996 to localize workforce training for companies. It enables companies to work directly with local partners to develop training tailored to employees’ needs. The grant has assisted more than 4,200 employers statewide, according to the TWC.

3M Brownwood began manufacturing in 1965 and is a leading manufacturer of reflective sheeting for highway signs, license plates, protective clothing and security laminates throughout the world.

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