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(ABILENE, Texas) – Haley Howdeshell started taking Computer Programming Technology classes at Texas State Technical College only knowing the basics.

Howdeshell is graduating this semester with an Associate of Applied Science degree. Even before receiving the degree, she has found a career opportunity at Funeral Directors Life in Abilene.

“They have so many career paths available,” she said. “I am pretty much set for life. It is thanks to TSTC that this happened, and I have a goal of staying here and working my way up.”

Howdeshell said that even though she did not have much experience with computers, Computer Programming Technology was a perfect fit.

“The more that I looked into the program, the more in love with it I became,” she said. “The only experience I had was turning on my computer at home and working on it. A lot of people do not even know how to hook up a printer. I really enjoyed my time in class and the labs.”

She credits her instructors, including Julie Rhoades, for opening her eyes to a different career.

“TSTC has a lot of different people there to help you,” Howdeshell said. “They helped me with my resume and coached me for interviews. TSTC showed me how to carry myself and provided me with a lot of good tips and tricks during the interview process.”

Rhoades knew Howdeshell would succeed.

“Haley has been a responsible student who’s dedicated to getting her work complete and submitted on time. She actively sought employment before she graduated and was able to dedicate hours to the job search, and the position she landed, while continuing her school work,” Rhoades said. “She has the self-discipline required to complete her goals and succeed in life.”

Rhoades had pulled Howdeshell aside to tell her about the Funeral Directors Life job opening.

“She was always helpful and encouraging to the students,” Howdeshell said. “I really appreciated what she did for me.”

TSTC prepared Howdeshell for a career, and she hopes more students, especially high school students, take advantage of the available programs.

“TSTC does some amazing things for students,” she said.

Howdeshell said she had one goal when she started at TSTC.

“I knew I was going to have to work hard. Graduation was my goal, and I graduated,” she said.

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