(HARLINGEN, Texas) -The Workforce Training and Continuing Education office at Texas State Technical College in Harlingen was recently recognized by the Texas Workforce Commission for its small business training across the lower Rio Grande Valley.

The award was presented during the Texas Workforce Commission annual conference to recognize top performing workforce training providers serving small businesses in city populations between 50 and 100 thousand.

“This small business award means we’re doing something right among many small business training centers in the area,” said Isidro Ramos, TSTC Workforce Development executive director. “TSTC is a leader in preparing the workforce against the latest industry standards.”

TSTC has served small businesses in Cameron County for the last six years.

“Serving small business employees created a multiplier effect because a better trained workforce means growth, efficiency, product development and expansion,” said Ramos. “Small businesses are always looking for ways to be more competitive in the market, improve operations and business bottom line.”

TSTC trains to enhance the skills of the small business employees that will ultimately improve operations and how the customer is served by offering various courses such as QuickBooks, Marketing, Customer Service and beginner Microsoft Office training.

Ramos said future plans for TSTC’s workforce training include tracking key performance indicators that the small businesses are recognizing when the training is complete.

“We want to make sure that the training we are offering is producing the bottom line results the customer is expecting. Our goal is to continue improving and evolving what we offer,” said Ramos. “It’s a win-win for TSTC and the small businesses we work with.”

TSTC has trained employees from businesses such as MediForce, Harlingen Glass and Mirror and Just Bead It receiving positive reviews.

“I really enjoyed the QuickBooks class I took,” said Romie Arellano, owner of Just Bead It, a jewelry and bead store in Harlingen. “I was able to learn about features I didn’t know QuickBooks offered and I had overlooked. It was beneficial to me and my business. I highly recommend this class and I hope to sign up for others.”

Ramos added that small businesses are the backbone to the economy and combined hire the most workers.

 “Our community is made up of small businesses, and it is our responsibility to provide them with the resources they need,” said Ramos. “And our focus is to provide the training needed to create innovation and spur growth.”

TSTC Workforce Training is preparing for its upcoming small business Marketing series that is aimed at providing marketing skills and tactics that will enhance business marketing and outreach performance.

The classes are driven by applied activities and hands on learning in subjects such as Marketing Communication Channels, Marketing with Social Media, Creating a Marketing Campaign and Developing a Comprehensive Marketing Plans.

For more information on the Marketing Series or other trainings offered by TSTC Workforce Training and Continuing Education, call 956-364-4615.

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