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(HARLINGEN, Texas) – The Texas State Technical College police department has one mission for its 10 campus communities: to serve and protect.

All TSTC police departments adhere to TSTC’s core values of excellence, accountability, service and integrity.

Michael Salinas, a TSTC field training officer at the Harlingen campus, noted that those values have a major role in protecting TSTC students, staff and visitors.

“In order to excel as TSTC police officers, we have to commit to that foundation,” he said.

What are the top services that the TSTC police department at the Harlingen campus offers to students?

The TSTC Harlingen campus police department is available 24 hours a day and seven days per week. We offer a vehicle jump-start power boost if they are stranded. A safety escort service is provided day or night. We collaborate with the Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs officer. In addition, we investigate situational calls and write reports. Other duties consist of traffic stops and campus patrol. We also perform foot patrol walk-throughs at the dorm locations. As part of the judicial system, we do make appearances in court. And we provide security for the campus bookstore and financial student accounting.

How does TSTC’s Student Code of Conduct benefit the mission for safety and security?

This allows officers the ability to address certain issues regarding student conduct and ensure a safer environment. We as officers adopt the core values, but students should as well. In the interest of safety and security, everyone needs to be held to that standard.

How does TSTC’s Emergency Quick Reference Guide benefit TSTC students?

The guide is accessible in every building and online as well. If a situation arises, that individual who is seeking to retain this knowledge will have it as a resource and can respond appropriately.

How many student-based emergency and nonemergency phone calls does the TSTC Harlingen campus police department receive per week?

During the month of December, we received more than 3,100 calls for service. This consisted of traffic stops, follow-ups, quality-of-campus reports, department presentations, and general housing safety tips.

What protocols do TSTC officers follow when addressing a first-time college student situation?

The TSTC police department sometimes receives phone calls about students who have panic attacks. The situation is that they have not seen their immediate family in some time. The TSTC officer who receives the phone call will inform the appropriate department about the concern. That student is then provided with resources they can utilize.


TSTC’s Student Code of Conduct is available at https://www.tstc.edu/student-life/student-policies/student-code-of-conduct/.

For more information about TSTC, visit tstc.edu.

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