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(RED OAK, Texas) – Jessica Canales, the career services coordinator for Texas State Technical College’s North Texas campus, recently visited multiple classes to sit down with students and walk through different tips and tricks for how to prepare for, and do well in, a job interview. She later shared some of those tips and tricks.


What are your top three tips for a good resume?

First, make sure your contact information is up to date. You want to allow the employer to reach you, so that would mean clearing out your voicemail so that it is not full, or setting up your voicemail. Another way an employer might want to reach out to you will be via email, so make sure that you have a professional email address. If you would not share it with a family member, then it should not be on your resume. 

Second, double-check everything or have someone else review it for you to make sure the grammar is good. Grammar is a big one.

Third, make sure that the resume is organized and easy to read. You want to avoid color, the font should not be bigger than 12 point size, and make sure that your experience is listed in chronological order.


How do you best prepare for an interview?

It is very important to research the company, and to review the company values and job description.


What are your tips for answering questions during a job interview?

There are so many techniques that a person can use during an interview. For starters, if a question is unclear, it is OK to ask for clarification. Secondly, it is OK to take a few seconds to think about the response before answering. This method helps a person have a response that is more structured and organized. Lastly, it’s OK to relax. (You) have to interview the employer as well to make sure that they are a good fit for you. 


How should someone dress?

They should dress accordingly. For example, if a person is going to interview for a mechanic position, they would not want to show up in a suit and tie.


TSTC’s Career Services department  will soon host an interview practicum where students will be able to practice these skills and receive feedback in a series of practice interviews.

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