A rendering of the new Transportation Center of Excellence. A white car and some people sit in front.

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – The year 2023 was a big one for Texas State Technical College across the state and at the Fort Bend County campus. With record enrollment, the groundbreaking for a new building and the addition of some programs, the campus had a lot happening.

Bryan Bowling, provost for the campus, emphasized the collaborative efforts between TSTC, local and regional officials, and the community in helping spur along the growth.

“We’ve had the Legislature support us and the community support us,” Bowling said. “That of course involves industry as well. We simply could not have done it without all those pieces working together in concert.”

In terms of enrollment, TSTC’s Fort Bend County campus saw a 20% increase from the fall semester of 2022 through the fall of 2023. It was the largest growth in enrollment that the campus had ever seen, with just under 800 students on campus this previous semester.

The campus also saw the groundbreaking of the new Transportation Center of Excellence, set to open by fall 2025. In attendance at the ceremony were TSTC leadership, local government officials, and TSTC industry partners.

“The biggest milestone this year was truly breaking ground on the new building,” Bowling said. “Over the course of 2024, we’ll get to see that unfold before our eyes, potentially alongside other opportunities we don’t yet see.”

Looking ahead toward the new year, Bowling emphasized the importance of staying connected to industries in the region. From its curriculum to its lab equipment, everything that TSTC does is designed to train students to meet the needs of the Texas workforce.

“Our whole operation is truly dedicated to purely aligning and innovating in curriculum, which means we have to have the most sincere and intimate relationship with industry,” Bowling said.

No matter a person’s background or outlook in life, Bowling encouraged those looking for a career path to come to TSTC in 2024.

“If you’re someone who likes to tinker, if you’re a dreamer, there is a pathway for you,” he said. “We understand how your brain works because many of us share that same construct. Come see us, and we’ll figure this out together — and it’ll be a lot of fun doing it.”

Registration for TSTC’s spring semester is underway. For more information, go to tstc.edu.

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