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(WACO, Texas) – Texas State Technical College has been recognized by the Smart Automation Certification Alliance for the number of microcredential certifications awarded to noncredit Industrial Systems students in 2022.

“I think it just validates the push for industry-based certifications,” said Adam Barber, TSTC’s executive director of Workforce Training and Continuing Education for the Marshall, North Texas, and Waco campuses. “It is a fast-track option for those who want to gain the skills to make themselves attractive to industry.”

The college awarded more than 430 certifications in 2022 and has granted more than 260 certifications in 2023. The number of certifications does not represent the number of students.

Noncredit students need to pass course material from Amatrol, the maker of the training systems used in TSTC’s workforce training classes, before being eligible to take SACA certification tests.

“It (SACA certifications) is recognized everywhere in manufacturing throughout the United States,” said Larry Griffin, a TSTC workforce trainer.

The SACA silver certifications awarded are Electrical Systems I, Electrical Motor Control Systems I, Variable Frequency Drive Systems I, Electrical Systems Installation I, Programmable Controller Systems I, Pneumatic Systems I and Mechanical Power Systems I.

Griffin said each recipient gets a special number on their certificate that they can share with employers, who then can verify it on SACA’s website.

TSTC’s workforce training department can teach the certification courses with a cohort made up of at least six people. The workforce training department sends information to industry partners about the certifications and also utilizes social media to attract interested people.

“It is fast-paced and takes the right person to get through it successfully,” Barber said.

The certifications are offered at the East Williamson County, Harlingen, North Texas, and Waco campuses. 

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