(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Motivated by a desire to serve his community, Justin Vasquez is currently nearing the end of his time as an Emergency Medical Services student at Texas State Technical College. The Harlingen native, who is set to graduate this semester, credits TSTC’s small class sizes as one of the main reasons he learned so much in the program.

Why did you decide on your particular program at TSTC?

I wanted to go into nursing initially, but my interests changed. In order to continue serving the community at a medical level, I decided to study for the Emergency Medical Services program and strive to become an emergency medical technician basic. Eventually I want to continue on to become a paramedic.

What motivated you to choose TSTC?

TSTC is a perfect campus for those looking for success at an affordable price. Also, the instructor-to-student ratio is small, which allows instructors to focus more on an individual student.

Who at TSTC has had the most influence on your success? 

My Emergency Medical Services instructors have been a major influence on my success in the program. They always encouraged me and assisted me with any problem I encountered, whether it was in class or out in the field.

What unique aspects about the program were available to you at TSTC?

The class sizes were small and hands-on. As a student, I was given the tools needed to learn skills that could save a life in the form of equipment that an emergency medical technician will use out in the field.

What is one of your favorite memories about the program?

One of my favorite memories was actually during the stay-at-home order. Our class had a video chat with our instructor to go over the material and get updated on the situation. Just as we were going to log off, we started sharing our experiences from the lockdown, and we all just started chatting like a big family.

Do you have any advice for future TSTC students? 

Ask for help when you need it. Whether it be from the instructor or another student, help will be there if you look for it and ask.

To learn more about TSTC, visit tstc.edu.

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